this is a raisin
i'm zenia and i'm named after a flower. +

I have had many names in this long war. The humans knew me as the destroyer. To the Covenant, I was Supreme Commander. The Prophets named me Arbiter, and your Master Chief calls me friend. How well do you know your friend, human? And what will you call me when you learn the truth of what I have done?”

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Get some air in your lungs and run.

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Far Cry 4 

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far cry   

S K U L L | CJ

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Sweet Mother, Sweet Mother …

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I wanted to put a bullet between the eyes of every panda who wouldn’t screw to save his species, I wanted to dump oil over all those French beaches I’d never see, I wanted to breathe smoke. I felt like destroying something beautiful.

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fight club   

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teen wolf   

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mass effect   


Clint Barton, Clint Barton. What kind of hell have you gotten us into…?

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- “Hmm, surprising.”
- “Surprising that it worked?”
- “Surprising that it didn’t kill him.”

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